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Clean Up Crew
Gus knew it was going to be a tough job just from reading the specs in their mission brief, but there are some things you have to see with your own eyes before you truly understood what the numbers actually meant.  This one was going to be a doozy.
It was only a small comfort that Victoria felt the same way.  “They want us to clean up that in three weeks?” she said, pointing to the massive space station that was growing larger in the viewport.  “They’re insane!  That will probably take at least two months!”
“That’s what I told them,” he replied, taking another drag on his vape stick and exhaling out his nose.  “But you know these corporate types.  ‘It’s vitally important,’ ‘material prices will rise to unacceptable levels,’ ‘our way of life will collapse if it’s not brought back into operational status,’ that sort of thing.  Typical panic brought abou
:iconaramis-dagaz:Aramis-Dagaz 1 0
The Garden Empire
The woods just beyond the back yard were a sort of sanctuary for Thomas, a perfect place to escape from the constant demands of modern living for an hour or two.  As a writer, he placed a high premium on clarity of thought, and the sounds of nature provided just the right ambience for him to exercise his creativity freely.  This time, though, he decided to explore a bit farther than he usually went in order to see what else he could find out in the woods.
Just past the stream he made a fascinating discovery.  In the middle of a small clearing he found a small hollow formed by the trunks of a few fallen trees.  It was surrounded on all sides by decaying wood and small shrubs, enclosing a small space that was coated with a layer of moss.  A few stones and branches poked through the green carpet, much like islands and massive trees within a tiny sea.  It reminded Thomas of a Zen garden, and how they were designed to be representations of the natural world.
:iconaramis-dagaz:Aramis-Dagaz 0 0
The Guest Muse
Despite the powerful bond that exists between them and their Artist, Muses are poorly-understood creatures, even by the Artists themselves.  Most people believe Muses are akin to dryads or other nature spirits, in that if a Muse becomes too far separated from their Artist, they will become severely weak and may even die, if not simply disappear altogether.  Many Artists hold this belief, keeping their Muses close by and becoming incredibly anxious if they should ever leave their sight.
This belief, however, is both erroneous and unfortunate.  Muses, who are creatures of pure creative energy, are not so easily done away with.  In fact, it is actually quite beneficial for one to let their Muse have free reign and wander where it wills, as this will only lead to a greater breadth of experience and therefore much richer creativity.  In addition, sometimes a Muse and their Artist need some time away from each other.  As much as we would wish otherwise, Artists
:iconaramis-dagaz:Aramis-Dagaz 4 18
Mature content
Turnabout is Mare Play :iconaramis-dagaz:Aramis-Dagaz 9 10
A Dance with the Moon
After a long journey, I finally arrived in Equestria, only to find myself in a country embroiled in turmoil.  Nightmare Moon had taken over the realm after banishing her sister to the sun, and was beginning to consolidate her power and crack down on any dissent.  As a foreigner, I was one of the first to be rounded up and sent before her for judgment.  In a moment of quick thinking and sheer desperation, I began asking her questions about her future plans, not to question her absolute rule, I claim, but to understand her intentions so that I may serve her better.  Over the course of a tense two hours, I threw out every bit of political advice that I could muster, but, by some miracle, she decided that she found some use for it.  Rather than have me executed, she merely threw me into the dungeon.  Over the course of the next several months, she hauled me out of my cell on occasion, demanding my take on this or that policy.
:iconaramis-dagaz:Aramis-Dagaz 1 0
Mature content
Spike's Special Talent :iconaramis-dagaz:Aramis-Dagaz 36 21
Akamai and the Sun - Epilogue
"I tell you Steward, I have the most difficult job in all of Equestria.  Not only am I one of the chief ministers of the royal court, I'm also practically a father to the Princesses themselves!"
The immaculately-groomed grey unicorn, who was the chief butler of the Royal Palace and keeper of its expansive pantries and wine cellar, merely nodded politely, quite used to hearing Seneschal's ramblings.  This was not the first time the magistrate had wandered into his cellar and indulged too much of its stock of salt and cider, and he was positive that it wouldn't be the last.  As much as these one-sided ramblings annoyed the butler, it was far better to let the older pony work out his frustrations under his watchful eye.  The last time he left the magistrate alone in the cellar he and his staff were cleaning up broken glass and spilt salt for weeks.
"You'd think that it would be easy, especially after raising two foals and five…no, six, six gran
:iconaramis-dagaz:Aramis-Dagaz 0 0
Akamai and the Sun - Act III
The heat of the volcano's summit was made even more intense by the sun that hung unmoving overhead, but Akamai savored it, knowing that it meant that his plan was working remarkably well.  The sun was firmly ensnared in their net, and between the huge boulders anchoring it and Makana-a-ahi's flock pulling against the sun's westerly movement, they had managed to bring the massive sphere of fire to a standstill.  Akamai would have pranced about in a little victory dance, but he and his brothers were hiding among the boulders, waiting for the fabled sorceresses to arrive.  He didn't know what to expect, but he felt confident that between the four of them, they could subdue them if necessary.  He just hoped that it wouldn't come to that, as he didn't want to get into an altercation if they could avoid it.  He couldn't count on Makana-a-ahi and her flock to help as they were too busy maintaining their hold on the net, and he was certain that
:iconaramis-dagaz:Aramis-Dagaz 0 0
Akamai and the Sun - Act II
Pūnanaka'aeahi was not only the tallest peak in all of the Sunrise Islands, it was also the most treacherous.  The mountain was an active volcano so massive that it covered most of the island, and while it had not erupted violently in ages, lava still flowed from numerous vents, making the climb up fraught with peril if one didn't know the precise path to take.  The closest path to Akamai's village wasn't too difficult a climb on its own, but the ascent was reduced to agonizing slowness when laden down with the massive net that he intended to catch the sun with as well as several long coils of rope needed to help anchor the fiery orb down.  Even with his brothers helping him to the best of their abilities, it only made an impossible task merely an extremely difficult one.
Finally, after setting down the net and ropes on a small ledge away from the rivers of lava trickling down the mountainside, Akamai had enough.  "We're getting nowhere fast
:iconaramis-dagaz:Aramis-Dagaz 0 0
Akamai and the Sun - Act I
Seneschal ran as fast as he could through the Palace, shouldering his way through the milling throngs of confused guards and servants.  Their fear and bewilderment mirrored the situation outside, where hundreds of ponies stood in the streets gaping at the sky.  So far, everything managed to stay at the level of hushed, frightened whispers, but he knew that the calm wouldn't last long.  Soon, somepony would say the wrong thing, another will lose their nerve, and soon the city, and possibly all of Equestria, would explode into a full-blown panic.  The potential resulting injuries and property damage would be catastrophic.
The old earth pony ran up a flight of stairs leading to the main tower of the Palace where the Princesses lived.  The large stained glass windows filled the stairway with a beautiful mosaic of scintillating colors as the sun shone brightly through the tinted panes.  Suddenly, the stairway went dark, and the sil
:iconaramis-dagaz:Aramis-Dagaz 0 0
Where Is Your Prominence?
Where is your prominence?
What truly makes you unique?
How far do you journey
To find the place that you seek?
You wish to stand out
For everyone to take notice
For all of Creation to spin
With you as its focus
Every part of you
Arranged with such care
But what would others see
If your soul was laid bare?
With most exquisite of fabrics
And finest of threads
You draw every eye
Wherever you tread
No measure too extreme
When beauty is at stake
There is affection to earn
Even if it must be faked
Nothing else matters
To bask in others' love
You must make every effort
Even challenge heaven above
And how could they hate you?
You're crafted just for them
A true masterpiece of art
An unrivaled and flawless gem
What good is perfection
If it's hidden away?
Go and flaunt your vibrant self
Covering over a heart of gray
That is all that matters
The only thing that is true
They delight in the doll you fashioned
Why else would they love you?
:iconaramis-dagaz:Aramis-Dagaz 0 0
NaNoWriMo 2011
30 days.
"This event is not a test of talent, it's a test of endurance."
50,000 words.
"That's impossible, even for a computer!"
1 drunken clopfic writer.
"Geeze, Butterscotch, if you're going to be a lush, at least buy some decent booze."
"I'm excuse, you don't have a drunk!"

Where a quest to prove oneself...
"I've seen grown stallions break down and cry after five days."
*a writer is found in the fetal position gibbering and bawling their eyes out*
"It's not a pretty sight."
*Butterscotch pushes her way through a crowded street, her eyes wide with fear*
"Don't try and talk me out of this.  I need to do this."

...becomes obsession.
*a squadron of starfighters make an attack run on a battleship*
"This foal's quest is destroying you, Butters!  Stop this!"  "I'm not going to live my life with regret like you did!"

Where imagination...
"Tell me where the bomb is!"
*sounds of a lar
:iconaramis-dagaz:Aramis-Dagaz 1 5
Dream-Quest of Soleri, part 1
At the edge of the magnificent dreamrealm, facing opposite the famed Tetragnomon of Hyberium where the shrewd Gnomes concoct their plots against each other, far beyond the rolling hills of Orestan and the lush forests of Tyrea that prowl the borders of the Viridian Coast, stands the fabled Soleri Pillar.  A structure of unfathomable height, the Pillar reaches high into the heavens, its crown beyond the sight of any being.  It is believed to be the lynchpin that, together with the Tetragnomon, holds all of Volleri in place within the infinite.  Many a rumor holds that the Pillar connects the dreamrealm to other worlds, where dreamers may venture into the waking world, and through which the denizens of a thousand realms may find themselves within the world of dreams without having need to dream.  It has been confirmed that many strange creatures and peoples foreign to Volleri have emerged from the Pillar, but for most, the idea that the tower is a
:iconaramis-dagaz:Aramis-Dagaz 0 0
The Dressmaker of Saleine
"A soirée, eh?" Jonathan mused, rubbing his chin thoughtfully.  Jamie then saw his face light up as a plan unfolded in his mind.  "Excellent!  Thank you, my good sir!" he said to the cafe patron as he grabbed Jamie's paw and dashed down the main boulevard.
"Whoa, Jon!  What's got into you?" she cried as she struggled to keep up with him.
He paused at a street corner, scanning the shops that lined the thoroughfare.  "Simple, my dear," he replied.  "The Count's ball is a perfect opportunity to see him in person.  What better time to ask him about the Dunmer legend and the location of the Werins ruin?  Ah, there's the street!"
"What are you...?" Jamie started to ask, but before she could complete her question Jonathan was rushing down the street and around a corner with her in tow.  Finally she managed to shake her paw free and catch her breath.
"Okay," she said in between deep breaths. 
:iconaramis-dagaz:Aramis-Dagaz 0 0
Vollerian Avenger, part 1
Get home.  Check mailbox.  Make dinner.  Eat dinner.  Study calculus.  Study French literature.  Prepare for departure in the morning.  Get ready for bed.  Go to sleep.
Inside his mind, Ulrich organized his thoughts, laying them out as though on a table.  He placed each item in their own mental box, safely contained until he had laid out the previous step's subtasks.  Outside, his feet guided him home, following the well-traveled path that was as familiar to him as instinct.  His mind thus freed from such mundane tasks, he was able to fully plan the remainder of his day, allowing him to make the most of it in preparation for the next.  He could not afford to do otherwise, not at this critical juncture of his life.  What he did now while at university would affect him for the rest of his life; he could not afford to waste any time.
Turn on stove.
:iconaramis-dagaz:Aramis-Dagaz 0 0
Caza never felt more alive.  Her legs and feet ached immensely and her chest felt like it was about to burst, but the pain only spurred her further.  Even though the headlong ascent up the mountain drained her of her last reserves of energy, she still found the strength to keep running.  It was a part of her nature, the only thing that gave her such joy.  To push against the ground, propelling herself forward, seeing the landscape around her fly past while listening to the roar of the wind and her own heartbeat in her ears, it was pure ecstasy.  No matter what happened to her in life, so long as she could run she would always find happiness.
She gulped in the cold mountain air as she neared the summit, its icy touch searing her lungs like fire.  This high up the air started to become thinner, less substantial, causing her to become light-headed and less sure-footed among the rocky path.  Not for the first time, she c
:iconaramis-dagaz:Aramis-Dagaz 2 2

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NaNoWriMo 2014 begins tomorrow.  I have two stories I’m going to work on, one that I had been planning for the past month and a half, the other one that suddenly cropped up in the past week and the style of narration just flows easily from my fingertips.  We’ll see how that works this year.  

As usual, I will be posting my progress everyday on all of my sites, listed below, along with descriptions of my descent into madness.


Wish me luck!



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